Rob Richardson Jr. Enters Ohio Treasurer Race

This apparently happened in late June, but apparently the Ohio Democratic Party approached him and asked him to run, which I find interesting. I wonder why he stood out to them. He hasn’t ever held office, he only has a failed mayoral run under his belt. But hey, nobody else was stepping up to the plate. And while he’s new to running for office, Richardson has been active in politics for years, and his work on the UC Board of Trustees is good preparation for being treasurer.

It’s also promising that he realizes he made mistakes in his mayoral run. Some people, like P.G. Sittenfeld, want to blame everyone but themselves when they lose a race, but Richardson realized after losing that he’d gotten in over his head and started reflecting on what he could’ve done better. His biggest mistake was jumping in the race too late, and he’s already making sure not to make that mistake again.

Richardson may not have my vote depending on who else ends up running, but he certainly has my consideration. And if it’s Richardson vs. Sittenfeld, you can bet I’ll vote for someone who’s willing to learn and improve over someone who tried to run on gun control in a statewide race in Ohio. Seriously, what was he thinking?


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