There are many important issues in the Cincinnati mayoral race. Jobs, heroin, violence, transportation, poverty, and more. Yet for some people, the top issue in this election is that Yvette Simpson disapproves of stripping. The Bockfest incident has no effect on Cincinnati, but people are still talking about it almost five months later. Is Yvette’s personal opinion on strippers at all relevant to the issues? No. Is it at all shocking that a professional woman in her late thirties doesn’t enjoy striptease? No. Her reaction was maybe a bit rude, but she has since apologized and both she and the dancer have moved on.

For many people, saying the right thing is more important than doing the right thing. They care more that politicians spout all the preapproved talking points than if they can solve the issues facing our city, state, or nation. Simpson is usually great at this, but in a moment of weakness she dared to deviate on strippers. But she knows the language police are part of her base, so she made sure to say the right buzzwords in her apology statement, where she said she “unintentionally hurt the feelings of a woman who was empowered in her performance.”

With a heroin crisis and high rates of poverty, dealing with these pressing problems is more important than soothing the hurt feelings of oversensitive whiners. Let’s focus on what the candidates plan to do about these problems, and most importantly what they’ve been doing in their time in Cincinnati government, and vote accordingly. There’s plenty of valid arguments about why Simpson is the wrong choice for mayor, but Bockfest shouldn’t affect anyone’s vote.


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