Welcome to Demotrash! I started this blog because I like reading about politics, but I’m tired of hearing about Trump’s latest tweets. This is my attempt to write the political blog I’d like to read.

My family is part of the working class Midwestern Democratic base people don’t think exist. Half of my family is from the rust belt area, the other half is originally from Appalachia and moved to Cincinnati about 50 years ago; both halves have been voting for Democrats for generations. When I talk about how to win the Midwestern working class back, I actually know what I’m talking about, unlike out of touch Vermont politicians who try to speak on our behalf.

I primarily focus on state and local politics, but will occasionally share my thoughts on national politics if I feel I have something special to say. I also write about nonpolitical stuff (although really, everything’s political.)

Age: 25

Profession: Server

Politicians I love: Tim Ryan, Sherrod Brown, Aftab Pureval, Steve Bullock

Politicians I Loathe: Donald Trump, Josh Mandel, Greg Gianforte, Steve Chabot, John Becker